MHC Works for You

The MHC health information network enables doctors, hospitals, and labs statewide to access your medical information quickly and securely.  With a more complete health history, they can provide you with the best quality of care.  

MHC helps you and your doctors!

Emergency:  Making your health records available immediately to emergency room (ER) doctors will give them information that could help save your life in a medical emergency or in the event of an unexpected hospital visit.   

Security and Privacy:  Your most up-to-date health records will be sent through a secure network to your doctors. Only authorized health care providers, organizations and professionals involved in your treatment, coordination of care, quality improvement and activities related to the management or payment of your healthcare. Medical record information is protected under federal and state privacy laws; access, use and disclosure of medical records will comply with those laws MHC protects your privacy by monitoring who has viewed your information.  You may request a report of who has looked at your health information through your participating provider. 

Quality Care:  Sharing your medical information among all of your doctors and caregivers can reduce medical errors, and help prevent unnecessary tests and treatments or harmful drug combinations.  It can also help your doctor make better decisions about your care.

Ask Your Health Care Providers If They Participate in MHC

If your health care provider participates in the MHC network, you will receive information about it during your office or hospital visit.  Ask your doctor to contact MHC directly for more information if they don’t currently participate.